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Order Form

For mail in orders please print this form and mail with payment to the address bellow.

Qty  Kit No.                     Kit Name                            Unit Price            Total             
    Shipping Charges inside USA           Free
   Shipping all other countries         $3:00

           Total Enclosed




Customer:                                                                  Ship to: (If different from customer address)

Name:___________________________                        Name:___________________________

Address:_________________________                        Address:_________________________

________________________________                         ________________________________

City:____________________________                         ________________________________
State:_______________Zip_________                          State:_______________Zip_________

Telephone:_______________________                        Telephone:_______________________



Mail Order Form with check or money order made payable to:

                                                                                          Phyllis B. Stafford

                                                                        90 Brandywine Lane

                                                                        Suffield, Ct    06078

Please remit funds in US dollars

Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery


If you have any questions please  contact us


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